Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For My Cali Family!!!!!

MERRY WHITE CHRISTMAS! Miss you! Love you! Wish you were here!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dinner at Daniel's!

Last month, two of our Young Adult Guys who started their own business and are doing very well decided that they wanted to take a group of about 40 of us out for a delicious dinner at Daniel's Broiler on Lake Union in Seattle and then to a Transiberian Orchestra concert at Key Arena to thank us for supporting them through out the last year as they started their business. It was 2 months ago that they reached their first million in sales! Whoo hoo hoo! It was such an incredibly fun night to be with friends and laugh and eat delicious food! Thanks, Steve Stratton and Derek! We are so proud of you guys! Keep it up!

Janessa, Me, Nicole and Michelle

Ben's face cracks me up in this picture...

I absolutely love this family!

The Ladies

The Guys... So good-looking! (especially the one on the right!)

My Girls

Cara and I trying to take a serious picture together for probably the first time since MC...
Sigh... Nevermind....The Space Needle
Hubby and I under the Space Needle... What a good-looking man!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last month Steven had to go to Orlando for work (poor guy) and I decided that I had to tag along (poor me). Our good friends Sean and Stacia met up with us and we spent a week in the sunshine and heat! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is on the grounds of Universal Studios Florida and we worked, and then played and ate and played and ate and then played and ate some more! It was so much fun to be like a kid again and go on a bunch of roller coaster rides with my hubby and scream my head off! Loved it! And it was great to spend time with Sean and Stacia. They are such a FUN-loving couple and I love fun and I love them. :) The end...

The guys soaking wet after a water ride... I don't think Steven knew he was going to be dripping afterwards...
Me and Stace
At the Bucs game in Tampa Bay watching our Seahawks lose, yet again... Man, we're devoted fans...
We rented a car and drove an hour and a half to Tampa to watch the game. What were the odds that the Hawks would be in Tampa when we were in Orlando? It was a good memory, even if we did lose and we were in a stadium full of red jerseys... yikes!
Steven loved the experience of being in another Pro Football stadium for the first time. My hubby loves sports and I love that about him... He's so cute... And he's really great at sports, too... which I also love. :)
Sean loves his iPhone. :) We got lessons on all the cool apps while we were there. I want an iPhone now... Thanks alot, Sean!
Sean and Stacia at the best restaurant we went to while we were in Orlando, Emeril's Chop Chop. Seriously, the food was crazy delicious! Isn't Stacia beautious???
Love the palm frond in the back... hahahaha...
I love my hot hubby!
Steven and I outside the Blue Man Group Theater in Orlando. One of the BEST highlights of Orlando by far. It was such a quirky, amazing, fun show. If you ever have a chance you should absolutely go see Blue Man Group. I actually got picked by them to go up onstage and perform with them for like 15 minutes! It was crazy! I absolutely loved it... I'm a performer at heart. I love the stage.
Me and Stacia at The Palm Restaurant. I would like to note that this was BEFORE dinner. We were so excited. This restaurant was supposed to be amazing and a place where famous people go to eat when they are in town... Bleck! The famous people can keep eating there all they want, but I won't be going back. The food was aweful. Seriously the worst steak I've ever had. Steven and Sean had the worst lobster they ever had. Stacia's steak was still moo-ing so they cooked it longer and then it was a chunk of leather. So sad... Bye Bye Palm Restaurant. My advice: Go eat at Emeril's Chop Chop and pass on the Palm. Yea for Universal!
At the Hard Rock's Guitar Fountain
Love this man!
Eating yummy Mexican food in the warm evening air. I loved the weather in Orlando. It wasn't even humid while we were there. It was perfectly warm, even at night time. Love it.
Happy memories of getting away and enjoying the sunshine and having lots of fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please go VOTE today...

For all you undecided voters out there... please watch this video and go vote today...

Sarah for President!

I just couldn't help myself...